Moa Gammel in Breaking Surface. Fotograf/Källa: Joachim Hedén

A musical Christmas family, short film distribution on Instagram and new roles for Stellan Skarsgård and Eero Milonoff (Border) are among the latest projects to receive production funding from the Swedish Film Institute.

Håp by Maria Sødahl is a Norwegian-Swedish co-production in which a woman discovers she has cancer. She plans her final weeks but is still in the middle of life surrounded by relationships, love and hope. Stellan Skarsgård is one of the lead actors. Shooting is under way in Trollhättan.

Tigers (Tigrar), written and directed by Ronnie Sandahl (screenplay: Borg) is a drama about 16-year-old Martin who has finally got the pro contract he’s been dreaming of for so long, but the international football scene proves to be ruthless.

LasseMajas Detektivbyrå - Tågrånarens hemlighet (English title tba) by Moa Gammel, the sixth title in a film franchise that started back in 2008, has been awarded market funding. Clara from the children’s home contacts young detectives Jerry & Maya to help prove her father, who’s serving a life sentence for train robbery, is innocent. To get her father acquitted, the trio must find the real train robber.

Jag kommer hem igen till jul (English title tba) by Ella Lemhagen is the story of two brothers and their musical family, whose secrets are revealed over a Christmas holiday. The idea comes from one of Sweden’s most popular artists Peter Jöback (e.g. The Phantom of the Opera on Broadway), and he is also in the lead role.

Julia Thelin, acclaimed for her short Push It (selected for the festivals in Cannes and Toronto), receives support for Sorry not Sorry. Feride is on the way home from a party and ends up with a gang of loud young guys. The film has already won the audience award at the Göteborg Film Festival.

Short film The Layers by Yilmaz Sen aims to break social taboos around depression and anxiety. There will be five chapters, distributed on Instagram.

The short film Let Her Speak by Ulla Heikkilä is a Finnish-Swedish co-production in which a distinguished woman researcher is invited to speak at an international conference, and realises that a male host is starting to explain her own theory to her. Cecilia Nilsson and Eero Milonoff (Border) are in the lead roles.

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